Swedish Support to the Development of Policy Research in Cambodia - the Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI)

Publication date:
Sida Evaluation
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Jan Eklöf , Mona Lilja , Charles Myer
he Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI) is unique in Cambodian society. It was established 10 years ago to help train government officials and build the foundation for economic policy analysis. Now CDRI does policy research on socio-economic development, provides information to various users, and hosts a center for conflict resolution. This study focus on the activities from 1994/95 onwards, giving particular attention to activities in 1998-1999. The main objective of this evaluation is Learning (promotion), while only limited concern has been given to the aspect of Accountability (control). Both an internal assessment focusing on the production deliveries, and an external evaluation focusing on the impact of CDRI in Cambodian society is requested. The entire institution, and not merely individual programmes or activities, is to be reviewed.

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