Masters Programme in Land Management

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Sida Evaluation
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Jim Widmark
Sweden has supported activities related to the land reform process in Central and Eastern Europe since 1990. The main objective has been to support the transformation towards democracy and market economy. Most of the support has been in the form of transfer of Swedish know-how and expertise. The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Swedesurvey AB have been contracted by Sida to deliver a postgraduate, English-speaking programme in English titled "Master of Science in Land Management" (LM). This programme is a part of the Swedish support to countries in transition. Lectures at KTH in Stockholm is the main component. The purpose of the LM programme is to give selected groups an opportunity of studying real estate disciplines in a setting with a long tradition of instruction in these subjects. The programme started in 1996 and is still running. So far approximately MSEK 30 has been allocated to the programme.

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