Sida Supported Advantage Projects in the Baltic States

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Sida Evaluation
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Claes Lindahl , Petra Stark
The Advantage projects are a trade development assistance focusing on the Baltic states. They were initiated by SwedeCorp in 1993 and ended in 1999. In total SEK 4 million has been spent on the projects in these states. The project use trade fairs and trade missions, linked with sandwiched training activities, as a means of stimulating interaction between Swedish importers and potential exporters in the Baltic states, mainly in textiles and garments and secondly in furniture. The evaluation was undertaken through a review of available documents, in interviews with various stakeholders such as Sida desk officers, the consultants responsible for implementation of the various elements of the projects, representatives of the counterpart organisations in the Baltic states, a large number of enterprises which participated in the project activities, donor agencies and other institutions of relevance.

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