Diakonia Program for Democracy and Human Rights, the El Salvador Case. A qualified monitoring

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Sida Evaluation
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Vegard Bye , Martha Doggett , Peter Hellmers
Since 1997, the Swedish NGO Diakonia has switched its long-time collaboration with partners in Central America away from emergency and socio-economic projects to democracy and human rights support. In El Salvador, which is the case for this evaluation, Diakonia has chosen to focus its work on local democracy, by supporting local Partner Organisations trying to pull together municipal government and the civil society, and also improve the leverage of local politics on the national political agenda. The evaluation has been carried out by a team of three consultants from NORLAT (Nordic-Latin American Resource Group). Fieldwork in El Salvador was done over a total period of five weeks, beginning in February and ending in April, 1999.

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