Environment & Land Management Sector Activities, ELMS 1991-1995

Publication date:
Sida Evaluation
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J Erikson , M Douglas , J Chileshe
Lesotho, through a Co-ordination Unit in Maseru, has since 1985 promoted, co-ordinated and raised funds for regional activities in the Environmental and Land Management Sector, ELMS. In October 1992, Phase II was succeeded by Phase III, which introduced novel land husbandry concepts together with activities on environmental impact assessment, environmental monitoring, and water resources management. The evaluation team visited Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Malawi through arrangements made by the Co-ordination Unit. Interviews were held with staff at ELMS, other organizations and NGOs, government representatives and beneficiaries of the project. The team also reviewed raw data, plans of operations, annual progress reports, technical reports, annual budgets, reports of seminars, and reviews, and previous evaluation reports. A draft summary of the team's initial findings was discussed at a round up meeting in Maseru.

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