Sida's Cultural Support to Namibia, 1991-1996

Publication date:
Sida Evaluation
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Dorian Haarhoff
Sida's primary aim of the cultural support to Namibia in the long term was to strengthen democratic process via developing the infrastructure of Namibian culture. Other long term aims involved building up the self confidence, identity and income generating potential of the Namibian people through supporting their cultural endeavors and promoting nation-building and mutual respect in a country of diverse cultures. In practice, in the short term, Sida's commitment would begin addressing certain disparities remaining from apartheid days such as rural poverty and gender inequality. This evaluation draws on aspects of what has been termed Fourth Generation Evaluation (FGE) which sees quantitative and qualitative responses as complementary. Research methods have involved the reading and assessing of relevant material. The evaluator conducted interviews and informal conversations as well as asking recipients of Sida grants to answer detailed questionnaires.

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