Sida's Support to the Centre for Science and Environment, CSE, India

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Sida Evaluation
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Leif E Christoffersen , Nigel Cross , Rajeshwar Dayal
Since 1980 when the Center for Science and Environment (CSE) was established in New Dehli, India, as a Non-Governmental Society, it has developed into one of the most renowned environmental institutions in India, and has also gained international reputation. Sida has been providing financial support to CSE since 1989, mostly in form of core budget support. According to its terms of reference, the "primary motive for the evaluation was to ascertain the relevance and effectiveness of CSE and thus provide guidance to CSE and its members with regard to further development of the organization". The evaluation has put emphasis on management and financial issues and the organizational strategy, perceiving these to be areas which merit special attention.

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