HESAWA, Health through Sanitation and Water

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Sida Evaluation
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Jo Smet , Kathleen Shordt , Pauline Ikumi , Patrick Nginya
A major focus of Sida involvement in Tanzania since 1985 has been the Government's Health through Sanitation and Water (HESAWA) programme. This is a large rural water supply, sanitation and hygiene improvement programme covering the Lake Regions of Tanzania- Kagera, Mara and Mwanza regions- with an estimated population of 5 million. The focal points for the evaluation were: progress and achievement; follow-up to recommendations of 1992 Evaluation and 1995 Agreed Minutes; HESAWA concept at village level; sustainability of HESAWA interventions; HRD; district councils and decentralization; environmental impact; and internal and external risks. A participatory methodology was applied whenever possible. The Evaluation Team had discussions at zonal and regional offices, had participatory SWOT workshops in nine districts, and focus group discussions and observations in 19 villages.

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