AMS and Amu Technical Assistance Projects in Poland 1994-1995

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Sida Evaluation
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Sussanne Oxenstierna , Irene Lundberg , Henrik Huitfeldt
AMS (the Swedish Labour Market Board) and Amu International (the Swedish state-owned vocational training institute) started technical assistance co-operation with the Committee of Labour of the city of St. Petersburg and the Federal Employment Service (FES) in Moscow in 1992. At the start the Swedish Ministry of Labour administered these projects. In early 1994, the projects were evaluated, and eventually BITS, later Sida, have continued financing projects on the development of the employment service and labour market training in the Russian Federation. The main dimensions of the evaluation are: Achievement of objectives, relevance, whether the results are sustainable, side effects, efficiency of project implementation and cost efficiency. The report is based on interviews with all key persons engaged in the various projects and of the study and analyses of all relevant material.

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