UNICEF's Child Rights Programmes in Latin America

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Sida Evaluation
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Benno Glauser , Eva Lithman , Riccardo Lucchini
At the request of the Swedish Government Sida was early in 1993 looking for ways to support actions in favor of street and working children in South America. The formal decision on the support for UNICEF was taken by Sida in 1993 and was labeled "Support for a regional project for street and working children in Latinamerica through UNICEF" and consisted of support to the 11 country programmes, including the subregional programme in Central America and support to two projects at the International Child Development Center (ICDC). The evaluators combined a large variety of formal and informal methods. Visits to HQ, country offices, counterparts, projects, informants and in the field in general provided written and oral information, as well as opportunity for direct contact, analysis, discussion and (partly participant) observation. The evaluation can be called participatory to some extent, for the reason that UNICEF personnel of the visited countries and levels were associated in most cases to the fact-finding and discussion process.

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