Development Cooperation between Guinea-Bissau and Sweden

Publication date:
Sida Evaluation
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Stefan Sjölund
Macroeconomic development, structural reform and project performance. In 1994 SASDA presented an evaluation concerning the development cooperation between Sweden and Guinea-Bissau. The report was very critical and recommended conditional reforms by the Guinean Government and a result based strategy for continued support. As part of any possible reduction of the support to Guinea-Bissau after 1998, the Swedish Embassy in Bissau has been asked to propose alternate, and cheaper, structures for continued administration of Swedish assistance. Against this background, the Swedish Government instructed in 1996 Sida to make a thorough investigation of the development cooperation with Guinea-Bissau. Data was collected through reports and other written material. Further information was gathered through interviews with representatives from the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all relevant parts of Sida, the Swedish Embassy in Bissau and a very broad group of relevant Guinean representatives including several members of the Government.

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