The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan

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Sida Evaluation
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Jean Pierre Luxen , Kajsa Pehrsson , Kjell Öström
The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) has been involved in development cooperation work in Afghanistan for fifteen years, initially providing emergency relief support and during the 1990s operating as a reputable devilment aid NGO. The Swedish Government has through Sida over the years provided most of the financing for the SCA. Since 1994/95, the European Commission has been contributing substantially to the financing of the SCA health and education sector programmes. The main objective was to evaluate the relevance of the project's intervention strategy and design in relation to its objectives. Furthermore, an assessment of the management capacity and the viability, efficiency, impact and effectiveness of the project in delivering health and education to its target beneficiaries was undertaken. The methods of data collection have been: assessment of written documents, semi-structured interviews, observation of ongoing activities.

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