Energy, Environment and Development Programme of the Stockholm Environment Institute

Publication date:
Sida Evaluation
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Daniel M Kammen
Work in the area of energy and sustainable development takes place in a difficult environment where many of the central issues of household, community, and regional resource management and human capacity all face a paradox of juxtaposed institutional neglect and widespread importance. The Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and the Energy, Environment & Development Program (EEDP) is an important actor among those who are attempting to integrate academic interests, development support and finance, and development practice in the energy sector. The evaluation of the EEDP is based on the following avenues of project observation: 1. A ten-day focused study tour in Sweden of SEI itself, and Swedish government, industry and academic resources that EEDP can access; 2. A fortnight's study tour of EEDP supported field programs in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe; 3. The review of a multitude of project documents; and, 4. An informal survey questionnaire administered to over 30 individuals worldwide.

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