Swedish Labour Market Projects in Estonia 1994-1997

Publication date:
Sida Evaluation
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Susanne Oxenstierna , Henrik Huitfeldt
AMS (the Swedish Labour Market Board) and AmuInternational (the Swedish state-owned vocational training institute) started technical assistance co-operation with the Estonian labour market authorities in 1992. The first projects were financed by the Swedish Ministry of Labour. Since 1994, BITS, later Sida, has continued to finance the co-operation by approving additional projects to develop employment service and labour market training in Estonia. The report is based on interviews with key persons in Estonia and Sweden and with participants who have been engaged in different project activities and project implementation. The Economic Survey of the Baltic States has provided a starting point for the analysis of developments in the labour market and its institutions. In addition, the team has studied and analyzed relevant materials, i.e. decisions, project proposals, statistical and economic analyses of the Estonian labour market, and material produced in the course of the execution of the projects. The main dimensions of the evaluation are: achievement of objectives, relevance of project area, sustainability of results, side effects, efficiency of project implementation and cost-efficiency.

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