Servicio Universitario Mundial (WUS) en América Latina. Programa de becas para refugiados

Publication date:
Sida Evaluation
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Lennart Peck , Carlos M Vilas
World University Service (WUS) is a non-governmental organization acting in the fields of education, human rights and development. In the mid-seventies WUS initiated a massive scholarship programme to assist Latin American refugees. Later, WUS has introduced a number of thematic programmes, including seminars and workshops on human rights, gender and higher education. The prime purpose of the evaluation has been to enhance the learning of Sida and WUS. It deals with WUS as an organization: its objectives, structure and institutional capacities. The report also looks at the scholarship programmes, including the review of programme objectives, implementation, output and effects. It also discusses relevance and cost-effectiveness. The thematic programmes are discussed with basically the same structure.

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