Programa de Vivienda Social de FUPROVI, Costa Rica

Publication date:
Sida Evaluation
Series number:
Lillemor Andersson-Brolin , Bauricio Silva
Fuprovi was founded in 1987 as a response to the precarious housing situation in Costa Rica. The main goal of Fuprovi is to promote the improvement of the quality of life of low-income households and communities in Costa Rica and other Central American countries. Sweden has supported Fuprovi since 1988 under three agreements with the Government of Costa Rica. The conclusions of the evaluation are made on the basis of relevant documents, visits to project areas and interviews with key informants inside and outside Fuprovi. The main aim of the evaluation was to analyze: the impact on the living conditions of the target group, the efficiency with which objectives were realized and targets met, the development of Fuprovi as an institution and its role in the program as well as in the national context of housing policies, the sustainability of the program and of the institution.

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