Mobilisation of the Poor - a means to Poverty Reduction? - Final evaluation of the Change Agent Programme in Sri Lanka

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Sida Evaluation
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Kalinga Tudor Silva , Sepali Kottegoda , Dulan de Silva
This evaluation assesses the effectiveness, impact, sustainability and relevance of the Change Agent Programme (CAP) with a focus on the Sida-supported phase of the programme (1987-98). The evaluation was conducted by a multi-disciplinary team consisting of a rural sociologist, micro-finance specialist, and gender specialist. The evaluation process consisted of two phases. In the first phase a desk study was carried out to review all available reports on CAP and preliminary field visits were made to selected sites with a view to making preliminary findings that would determine the methodologies used for the investigations in phase two. In phase two specific questions were answered through detailed field investigations conducted in locations covered by 11 of the 53 Prajashakti Organisations operating in May 2001.

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