One Step Further - Responses to HIV/AIDS

Sida Studies no. 7

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Sida Studies
Mark Heywood , Virginia Bond , Henrik Ullum , Toke Barfod , Weddy Silomba , Geoff Foster , Alan Whiteside , Mary O' Grady , Minou Fugelsang , Paul Dover , Mikael Hammarskjöld , Bertil Egerö , Joe Collins , Bill Rau
A report in the Sida Studies series. - How can we both "scale-up" and "scale-out" - broaden - our responses to HIV/AIDS? - How should our responses to people living with HIV/AIDS and to the pandemic´s longterm impact on development improve -in terms of human rights and legal protection, treatment, attitudes, financing , and not least in terms of adopting development plans and approaches that reduce vulnerability and offer hope for the future? These are threads that run through the contributions in this anthology. Between them, the authors cover multi-dimensional perspectives on HIV/AIDS, stigma and poverty.

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