Förslag till ställningstagande och åtgärdsplan avseende Sida Evaluation 02/14: Area Development Projects, Poverty Reduction and the New Architecture of Aid


John Farrington, Ian Christoplos et al.
Serier – Sida EvaluationDescription:
PROMEMORIA / This is a study of area development projects in a perspective of poverty reduction, sustainability and learning. Examining three major area development projects supported by Sida, it seeks to find out how some of the long-standing problems of the area development approach, notably those of targeting, project integration and learning, have been solved in more recent projects. Formative in purpose, it also tries to identify how area development projects might be retooled to fulfil their mandates more successfully, and to exert stronger influence in an emerging system of aid built around national
poverty reduction strategies and programme support.
The projects selected for study were CARERE/Seila(Cambodia), EEOA (Zambia) and ANRS/SARDP (Ethiopia).
The evaluation is complemented with a Management Response.