Water Utility Partnerships Project for Water Utility Management and Unaccounted for Water, Phase 1.

Publication date:
Sida Evaluation
Series number:
Department for Infrastructure , Economic Cooperation
This report is an evaluation of the support to Water Utility Partnerships (WUP) project for Water Utility Management and Unaccounted-for water, Phase 1. Sida supports the project aiming at improved water utility management within five African water utilities, in the first phase of a project to be executed in two stages. Sida decided in November 1999 to support the first phase, Performance Audits, with a budget of 3 million SEK. The support is provided through the Water Utility Partnership (WUP), a programme unit under the Union of African Water Suppliers (UAWS). WUP is responsible for project management, procurement of consultants and reporting to Sida. The evaluation is complemented with a Management Response.

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