UAPS enters the 21st Century - Final Report from Assessment

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Sida Evaluation
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Bertil Egerö
The Union for African Population Studies, UAPS, is the only pan-African organisation that address population/development issues from the perspectives of social science. It was created in 1985, and took off under a new leadership in connection with the Second African Population Conference in Dakar 1988. Modelled upon the international Demographers Union IUSSP, UAPS builds on individual membership and engagement across a wide range of professions and interests. Organisations can be affiliated. UAPS has defined five fields of activity, to which its resources and organisation should be directed: - Research (small grants, thematic research networks, bibliographical work); - Training (esp. in research methodology); - Information (publications, dissemination workshops, conference monitoring, documentation centre); - Technical assistance/co-operation (in the elaboration on or implementation of research findings); - Advocacy (sensitisation of decision-makers and opinion-leaders).

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