Donorship, Ownership and Partnership Issues Arising from Four Sida Studies of Donor-Recipient Relations

Publication date:
Sida Studies in Evaluation
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Gus Edgren
National or local ownership is commonly regarded as a precondition for sustainable results of development cooperation. In 2002, Sida commissioned four major evaluation studies, covering ownership aspects in different modalities of aid in a number of partner countries. The present paper examines the four studies with respect to effects on ownership of the aid relationship, leadership and management, institutions and modalities, stakeholder participation and multiple donor situations. It concludes that national ownership is an elusive quality that must be deliberately strived for by both partners. Ownership is no mystery, but it requires careful analysis and monitoring, and above all patience and sensitivity by all participants in the dialogue. Programme aid modalities are still trying to find their form and are not always as supportive of national ownership as they could be. Further study of the ownership aspects of sector programme support is suggested.

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