How to "Invest for Future Generations" - Guidelines for Integrating HIV/AIDS in the Development Cooperation

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Department for Democracy , Social Development , HIV/AIDS Secretariat in Stockholm.
The AIDS-crisis now outstrips the worst-case scenarios of a decade ago and sub-Saharan Africa remains by far the worst affected region in the world. In the AIDS epidemic update December 2001, UNAIDS states that an estimate 40 million people globally are living with HIV/AIDS. About one-third of those are aged 15-24. At the same time as we see the epidemic growing, we can also se a new global commitment to recognise the epidemic as a major development crisis and to scale up the global response. This can be illustrated by the commitments made by world leaders in the United Nations Special Session of the General Assembly in June 2001, and by the fact that combating the epidemic is part of the goals of the United Nations Millennium Deceleration.

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