Swedish Support to Mashambanzou Care Trust

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Sida Evaluation
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Onward S. Mandebvu , Miriam Matinega
Mashambanzou is an interdenominational, non-profit making organisation established 1990. Its mission is to provide quality care and support for the poor people affected by HIV/AIDS in the high-density area of Harare and to help empower the local community to deal with the AIDS pandemic with compassion and dedication. The Swedish Embassy has supported the Crèche in Mbare suburb for orphans and children in difficult circumstances since 2001 and the Palliative Care Unit in Waterfalls since 2002. The Inputs Process Outputs model of programme evaluation has been used for the task. This includes document review, interviews with key stakeholders, site visits and analysis of the governance structure of the organisation. The information is amalgamated into a final report. The Trust is endeavouring to ensure that objectives are implemented cost effectively and in a transparent manner. There is a need to develop efficiency measurement tools through improved data capturing mechanisms including accounting procedures. However, transparency is one of Mashambanzous greatest strengths. A human resources system is developed in parallel with the mid-term evaluation, which will formalise policies, and thus avoid eventual issues rising from the lack of the same.

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