National Railway (NRZ) of Zimbawe's HIV/AIDS Prevention Program

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Sida Evaluation
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Hope Chigudu , Wilfred Ncube Tichagwa , Virginia Phiri
National Railways of Zimbabwe is a large parastatal employing about 10.000 people. In 1992 a policy to promote HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention at the workplace was introduced. Sida has supported the programme jointly with NRZ since July 2000. The evaluation was carried out as follows: Discussion on the TOR with programme coordinator, focussed one-to-one interviews with managers and programme coordinator, focussed group discussions with peer educators and peers including SWOT analysis and use of documents relevant for the evaluation. The programme has been largely effective in meeting implementation targets but peer educator activities targeting employees and dependants were far below targets. Socio-cultural factors of sexual behaviour have not been addressed as yet and this might be the reason for why the change from high-risk sexual behaviour to a low one has been somewhat slow. The adoption of result oriented planning methods is recommended.

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