Good Governance

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Department for Democracy , Social Development
This paper does not only deal with public authorities and the reforms that reinforce responsibility and accountability, openness and transparency. It also to some extent deals with participation, in the sense of the decentralisation of the public sector. Key institutions for good governance are discussed, including the state's overall control of the economy i.e. the central government budget and the financial process from the perspective of participation and democracy, e.g. auditing and mobilising resources in the form of taxes, statistics, and land surveying agencies. Since the paper is to a large extent based upon DESAs experience, certain functions, such as the Central Bank, have not been included in the analysis. The project document does not necessarily reflect the views of the Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency, Sida. Four methods reports have been published: - The Political Institutions (SIDA3969en) - Participation in Democratic Governance (SIDA3968en) - Good Governance (SIDA2845en) - The Legal Sector (SIDA3790en) Furthermore, a summary of the four methods reports was published in 2003; Digging Deeper (SIDA2950en).

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