Institutional Perspectives on the Road and Forestry Sectors in Laos: Institutional Development and Sida Support in the 1990s

Publication date:
Sida Studies in Evaluation
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Pernilla Sjöquist Rafiqui
The present study reviews the road and forestry sectors in Laos and Swedish support to these sectors during the 1990s from an institutional development perspective. It finds that, so far, transition of the institutional set-up of Laos has been unable to come to grips with the fundamental problems facing the two sectors. Swedish support for institutional development, which has aimed at building modern forest and road authorities capable of monitoring and managing the sectors, has also faced several problems. An important finding is that many of the problems appear to be linked to the particular political institutional system in Laos, where Government and Party structures are highly intertwined. The study concludes that Sida support to the two sectors would have benefited from an institutional approach, for a better understanding of the behavioral context of the programs and the internal incentive structure of partner organizations. It suggests areas for evaluation of the Swedish support from such a perspective.

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