IOM Regional Counter-Trafficking Programme in the Western Balkans

Publication date:
Sida Evaluation
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Carolina Weenerholm
This evaluation is an evaluation of the Sida-sponsored IOM Programme of Assistance for the Protection, Return and Reintegration of Trafficked Women and Children in Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, FYR of Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro. It is not an assessment of the trafficking situation in the Western Balkans. It is not a general evaluation of IOM or even of IOMs work against trafficking. It evaluates only the Sida-sponsored programme, nothing else. For practical purposes, the evaluators had to limit their field visits to two countries. These countries were selected by Sida. Therefore, it is not a complete overview, not even of the evaluated programme. But it gives a good picture of the return and repatriation activities, and highlights a number of achievements and shortcomings alike.

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