The Swedish Helsinki Committee Programme in the Western Balkans 1999-2003

Publication date:
Sida Evaluation
Series number:
Lars Weiss
Since 1999, SHC has funded more than several hundred projects in the Western Balkans and including the 2003 budget more than 150 Mkr has been invested in operations and projects. During that period the organisation has gradually increased in size, structure and geographical scope. 12 employees, together with retained consulting support for accounting, now operate out of the Stockholm secretariat, the Belgrade field office and also, within a couple of months, from 2 satellite offices in Skopje and Sarajevo. The Terms of Reference aims at two main areas to be covered in the evaluation. (1) The analysis of the SHC organisation in regard of capabilities, resources, processes and financial control. (2) A recommendation to Sida for future direction of SHC with regard to objectives, support and organisation of support.

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