Project on Reviving and Constructing Small Water Harvesting Systems in Rajasthan

Publication date:
Sida Evaluation
Series number:
Pankaj Kumar , B M Kandpal
The major objective of the evaluation was to understand the impact of work of Tarun Bharat Sangh (TBS), an NGO working in Alwar district of Rajasthan. TBS work on revival of traditional water harvesting structures (locally called Johads) has won acclaim in various national and international fora. TBS has built more than 2500 community water-harvesting structures by mobilising village communities into village institutions around the issue of water. Water harvesting structures built under the project have had undeniable benefits in improving ground water levels, increasing area under irrigation, protection of catchments and forests and in improving water availability of livestock and human beings. All of this has translated into visible economic benefits to the community and has considerably reduced migration from project villages.

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