Honduras Executive Summary, Evaluation and monitoring of Poverty Reduction Strategies - 2003

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Health Division Document
The present paper assesses those processes leading to the current PRS in Honduras. In particular, it is necessary to evaluate the consultation experience prior to the elaboration of the PRS. A critical underlying question refers to the degree of participation in those consultations and in the design of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP). It is also relevant to determine the degree of ownership among participating stakeholders. In contrast with previous assessments of the PRS, the present report evaluates these core issues using a combination of techniques: - detailed analysis of primary and secondary sources describing the consultation, elaboration and implementation processes; - a stakeholder analysis on influences and participation; - interviews to participating stakeholders in subsequent phases of the PRS; - and yearly follow-up visits to three municipalities to assess the implementation and monitoring of the PRS. This current evaluation explores both past and on-going processes (consultation, elaboration, implementation, monitoring) as well as future expectations of the PRS as parts of an integrated scheme.

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