Evaluation of Sida support to the Save Catchment Council

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Sida Evaluation
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Shinga Mupindu , Nigel Murimiradzomba , Pascal Changunda
The aim of the support has been to build up the administrative capacity of the Save Catchment (SCC) and the seven sub-catchment (scc) Councils for them to be able to fulfil the aim of the water legislation in Zimbabwe. The evaluation was an end of term one to determine the impact of the Sida support, and to draw lessons learnt which could be used in the development processes of similar programmes. At large the conclusion is that the Scc and scc:s are operational, council members and human resources are there and governance processes are taking place given the difficult economic and political situation that has prevailed since the establishment of the Catchment Council. SCC is the best functioning CC in the country.

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