Social Policy and Community Social Service Development Project in Lithuania

Publication date:
Sida Evaluation
Series number:
Frank Bertelsen , Laimutè Zalmienè
The aim of this ex-post evaluation was to qualitatively assess the extent to which the introduction of new social day and home care services in Lithuania has been effective and is responsive to local needs and whether the services are sustainable. The evaluation found that they are viable alternatives to residential care services and that the objectives of the World Bank/Sida funded programme had been implemented successfully. However, more consideration should be given to solving problems such as: funding constraints, insufficiently qualified staff, difficulties of providing services to rural communities and the need for improved inter-institutional/inter-departmental cooperation. The evaluation also highlighted the need for consultants to think about their level of ambition and appropriateness of the theory and practice they teach about in relation to the needs and capacities of those they are teaching.

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