Lista de Verificatión de la Estrategia de Asdi para el Abastecimiento de Agua y Saneamiento

Junio 2004

Publication date:
POM Working Paper
División de agua , División para el desarrollo y el medio ambiente urbano
The checklist summarises questions that need to be considered in relation to interventions in water and sanitation and in relevant parts of industrial use of water. The checklist is based on Sida Strategy for Water Supply and Sanitation and is intended to provide strategic guidance to Sida staff at headquarter, field offices and embassies and provide imformation to interested actors in partner countries, other development organisations and consultants. The Strategy specifies a large number of principles and approache that should be applied in order to make investments in water supply, sanitation and hygiene promotion sustainable from socio-economic, environmental, financial and institutional point of view. Pure Water - Strategy for Water Supply and Sanitation; SIDA3592en Pure Water - A Short Version of Sida Strategy for Water Supply and Sanitation; SIDA3962en

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