The Political Institutions

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Division for Democratic Governance
The aim of the paper is to contribute to the development of strategies and methods for the promotion of transition to democracy in our partner countries. It will focus on three fundamental institutions in a democratic political system: the elections, the political parties and the legislatures. As providing support to these three institutions inevitably involves interference in the internal political affairs of another country, this sub-area of democracy and human rights assistance is, to a larger extent than other areas, subject to what could be called political restrictions and regulations both in Sweden and in the partner country itself. Sidas room for manoeuvre, is thus, fairly limited. It means that several of the conclusions and recommendations in this paper are derived from policies and strategies already established by the Swedish government and Parliament. The project document does not necessarily reflect the views of the Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency, Sida. Four methods reports have been published: - The Political Institutions (SIDA3969en) - Participation in Democratic Governance (SIDA3968en) - Good Governance (SIDA2845en) - The Legal Sector (SIDA3790en) Furthermore, a summary of the four methods reports was published in 2003; Digging Deeper (SIDA2950en).

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