An Analysis of Key Documents and Interviews with the Poor

Poverty in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Publication date:
Monica Montoya
This desk study is the second in a series on poverty in Balkan countries, and is intended to provide a number of perspectives from which to view the socio-economic situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), in order to form a point of departure for a discussion of future forms of development. Following a methodology established in a Pilot Study on FYR Macedonia, the study examines the content of key documents used in programming development assistance. The focus is on what is presently documented about poverty and poor groups in the region, departing from a few key criteria; and on a subsequent discussion of what is not documented about poverty in the area. The methodology and choice of documents has been discussed continuously to determine the best practice and method. Three analyses of poverty and ongoing programs in the country (World Bank, UNDP and UNICEF) and three strategy documents (the PRSP, EU documents, and Sidas country strategy) will be analyzed.

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