Partnership Evaluation of Forum Syd 2001-2003

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Sida Evaluation
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Åsa Königson , Lennart Königson , Bo Andreasson , Jens Larsen , Ch Mathiassen , Eva Sennemark , Gertrude Hermansen
In 2003, 252 different organisations received support for 394 various development activities in developing countries and in Central- and Eastern Europe, through the umbrella organisation FORUM SYD. The aim of Sida supported co-operation with NGOs is to promote the development of vibrant and democratic civil societies and to improve the living conditions of the poor. The evaluation covers the period 2001-2003 and its main purpose is to assess the quality and results of the partnerships, a concept involving relationships and common values, between the local and Swedish CSOs as well as the relevance and sustainability of the contribution through Forum Syd and the Swedish NGOs.

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