The impact of HIV/AIDS on the Economy, Livelihoods and Poverty of Malawi

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Country Economic Report
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Lisa Arrehag , Dick Durevall , Mirja Sjöblom , Stefan de Vylder
The present study has been undertaken by four Swedish scholars based on a joint initiative between Sida and the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development in Malawi. The purpose is to present a comprehensive overview of both known and expected economic and social consequences of HIV/AIDS, linking the consequences at the individual and household level to those at the overall national level and looking at both short and medium-term effects and the more long term ones. While the focus of the study is on Malawi, many of the implications and conclusions arising from the study are likely to have relevance for the region as a whole. It is our hope that the study will provide valuable input to a discussion on what amounts to one of the greatest development challenges facing Sub-Saharan Africa and contribute to informed policy making and development cooperation.

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