Sida support to the Afrobarometer Network

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Sida Evaluation
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Raymond Gervais , Camille Tremblay , Anthony Kwaku Batse , Tabitha Mulyampiti , Franck Yelles
This is an Evaluation of the Afrobarometer Network, which is an independent, non-partisan research instrument that measures the social, political and economic atmosphere in 18 sub-saharan countries in Africa. The evaluation concludes that the scientific quality of Afrobarometer's work has been good and that the output is appreciated by a wide range of stakeholders, including researchers and donors. Much has been achieved in the area of capacity-building but there is a need for refocusing on organisational issues; like outreach strategies, fundraising capabilities, accountability and measures to increase responsibility and ownership of the African partners. A stable and long-term funding strategy, making Afrobarometer output easier accessible to local communities, as well as how to strike a balance between decentralised and centralised management of the Network, with the advantages and disadvantages that both options entail, are some of the future challenges for the Afrobarometer.

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