Viviendas para familias afectadas por los terremotos en El Salvador

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Sida Evaluation
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Eberto de León , Julio Urias , Carlos Rodríguez , Ernesto Barraza
An evaluation of support to construction of low-income housing in El Salvador following the earthquakes in 2001. The support was implemented by the local NGO:s Fusai and Fundasal and consisted of a combination of subsidies and micro-credits. The results of the project are evaluated in terms of quality, quantity, time, cost and sustainability. The participation of the beneficiaries and local authorities in the project has been given special attention. Overall the evaluation is positive of the results in the areas evaluated. One serious problem concerns a few new housing areas which have been gradually taken over by gangs of youth delinquents, which have caused several beneficiaries to abandon the project.

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