Apoyo Sueco a los Esfuerzos Guatemaltecos de Establecer un Sistema Nacional Catastral, 1997-2005

Publication date:
Sida Evaluation
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Thomas Alveteg , Benito Morales
As part of the commitment to the Guatemalan peace accord, Sweden gave support to build up a Land Register Authority in Guatemala. The total amount was 43 million SEK, and included a financial support channelled through UNDP, and a technical assistance provided by Swedesurvey AB. The evaluation concluded that the Swedish support has in a highly significant way contributed to develop the capacity within the new governmental body (RIC). The law that provides the legal framework for a nationwide Land Registry was approved in 2005. The evaluation recommended Sida to continue to support initiatives that enables the indigenous population to take advantage of the new law to secure their rights and access to land.

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