Impact of the Tsunami response on local and national capacities

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Joint Evaluation
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Elisabeth Scheper , Arjuna Parakrama , Smruti Patel , Tony Vaux
For the purpose of this evaluation, the term‘capacities’ has been taken in a broad sense, i.e., to mean much more than technical skills, also encompassing the ability to access services and programmes,to influence and set policies and longer term recovery and reconstruction agendas,and to open and use the space to hold duty-bearers at all levels accountable. It includes the processes by which these outcomes are achieved, notablyparticipation, consultation and information sharing. The evaluation does not attempt to evaluate the performance of specific agencies but to focus on the overall impact and draw lessons from the response taken as a whole. The Team recognises that there is wide variety in performance and that there are many examples that may be exceptions to the general trends observed.

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