Integrated Economic Analysis for Pro-Poor Growth

Methods Document - September 2006

Publication date:
POM Working Paper
Departent for policy , methodology
The methodological approach - Integrated Economic Analysis (IEA) for Pro-Poor Growth - developed by Sida rests on two basic premises. Firstly, pro-poor growth requires that the poor are able to participate fully and on an equal footing in economic development processes. Secondly, employment and income derived from employment (selfemployment or wage employment) is the singularly most important link between economic development and reduction of income poverty. Hence, the overall objective of the IEA methodological approach is to sharpen the poverty focus - and not least to focus on the role of poor people as actors - in the conduct of country level economic analysis and in the assessment of economic analyses and policies. More specifically, it aims to: (i)Take the economic actors as the starting point, with special attention to the poor, and make sustainable poverty reduction the chief objective, (ii) Operationalise pro-poor growth by integrating employment analysis, business environment analysis and macroeconomic analysis.

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