Fundación Gaia Amazonas en Colombia, 2003-2006

Publication date:
Sida Evaluation
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Anders Rudqvist , Kaj Århem
An evaluation was made of Sida's support to Fundación GAIA Colombia for the the project "Strengthening the process of construction of the Indigenous Territorial Entities (ETIS) in the Amazon region". The general objective of GAIA is to advice support and cooperate with Traditional Indigenous Authorities (AATIs) in this process and to strengthen the associations and the formations of the ETIS. The project has shown to be very important for the establishment and strengthening the rule of Law in Amazonas. For the first time indigenous people in the region have a political representation and are recognized by the regional authorities. Furthermore, a joint mechanism between AATIs and departmental authorities was created in 2002, to define the political and admnistrative decentralization of public programmes such as education and health, and to fulfil the requirements to be recognized as ETIS.

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