Learning from Sida Support to Institutional Development in Lao PDR

Interim Report from Learning Exercise

Publication date:
UTV Working Paper
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Pernilla Sjöquist Rafiqui
Institutions - formal and informal rules for human interaction - are crucial for development, and supporting institutional development is a strategic issue - but a difficult task. For Sida staff and project partners to learn more about how to promote institutional development - in Laos and more generally - Sida initiated a participatory learning process in Laos 2006. This is an interim report from that process. It summarises and synthesises the outcomes of two major workshops in terms of lessons learnt and implications for Sida. Special focus is on the institutional context - influencing change beyond the level of the individual and the organisation. The report may serve as a platform for further learning, together with a less concrete but more synthesised final report.

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