The Partnership of the East African Communities Organisation for Management of Lake Victoria Resources (ECOVIC) and the Swedish NGO Centre for Development Cooperation (FORUM SYD)

Publication date:
Sida Evaluation
Series number:
Grace Lubaale , Alfred Omenya
Sida/LVI support to ECOVIC through Forum Syd was intended to contribute to institutional development of a regional civil society that will consequently empower the communities and individuals in the Lake Victoria Region with a mentorship from a Swedish non-governmental organistaion. The evaluation therefore aimed at assessing the achievements of this broad intention. On overall, the evaluation noted that ECOVIC within the period of support was able to mobilise communities towards realising their relevance in environmental conservation of the Lake Victoria and its region. However, there were challenges and lessons for both Sida's engagement in chain partnership, Forum Syd's partnership methods and ECOVIC's internal weaknesses.

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