Inventory of Programme Support at Sida 2000-2006

Publication date:
POM Working Paper
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Martin Schmidt , Anna Schnell
The Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness anticipates that an increasing share of aid flows should be provided under Programme Based Approaches, PBAs. The target by 2010 is set at "66 per cent of aid flows are provided in the context of programme based approaches."(Indicator 9). There is not a very clear and internationally agreed operational definition of Programme Based Approaches and the different funding modalities associated with it. However, the general direction of change is clearcut. It means that the proportion should increase substantially. This report shows the trend within Swedish bilateral cooperation over the period 2000 to 2006. It is based on Sidas offical classification with some modifications when it comes to Sector Budget Support. In practice there are many funding modalities within this category and there are many forms of earmarking of donor funds for a sector or policy area. The report also shows that there has been a clear trend in Swedish bilateral cooperation in line with the Paris Declaration. The number and proportion classified as Sector Programme Support have increased, whereas the proportion provided as General Budget Support has been more stable. It is hoped that the report will be helpful as a base for the implementation of the Paris Declaration.

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