'We can't all be ducks' - Changing Mind-sets and Developing Institutions in Lao PDR

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Sida Studies in Evaluation
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Pernilla Sjöquist Rafiqui
The report synthesises lessons and implications from a rare learning exercise about Sida support for institutional development (ID) in Laos. Institutions are seen as the formal and informal 'rules of the game' for social interaction - a key to poverty reduction. A participatory approach based on dialogue was adopted. Essential lessons are that processes of ID take a long time, encounter resistance to change and involve changing mind-sets - Sida needs to actively relate to these. Informal meetings and relationships are crucial and working with ID requires high-level support. The ability to tailor, anchor and time ID support well in relation to the ongoing general reform process, based on a deep understanding of the local institutional context, seems vital for success.

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