The Relevance and Future Role of the International Vaccine Institute (IVI)

Publication date:
Sida Evaluation
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Leif Gothefors , Marita Troye-Blomberg , Lars Åke Persson
The purpose of this evaluation is to assess the relevance and impact of IVI in relation to its stated mission and and operating environment from 2000 until now and also into the future. It concludes that IVI to date has exerted major impact on policy decisions about vaccine development and introduction for a number of diseases, such as cholera and rota virus. It further states the role of IVI to be unique and an excellent complement to activities undertaken by GAVI and others in this area. IVI has efficiently shown during its first 10 years that it is filling major gaps that exist in translational research, technical support and capacity building for vaccines of priority to developing countries. Finally, it recommends an expansion of IVI's translational research programme to Africa.

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