Palestine International Business Forum 2005-2006

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Sida Evaluation
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Krister Eduards , Åsa Hydén
The purpose of the project, to address obstacles to Palestinian economic production and trade in search fof development and peace is a valiant one, although in view of the circumstances, only a modest contribution to results could be expected. A realistic development goal could be an improved economy within the framework of a two-state solution. The basic activity is a series of meetings that bring Palestinian and Israeli industrialists and business people together, who would not be able to meet otherwise. The evaluators point outng that the Palestinian International Business Forum (PIBF) has two basic functions; advocacy to address obstacles in search for development and peace, and investment promotion for economic growth and job creation. The platform enjoys an important and strong political support on the Israeli and Palestinian side. The evaluators conclude the importance of the project and recommend Sida continued financing with some modifications.  

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